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So, wednesday was the day of presentation; I felt it went well, nods of understanding from the few people in the audience and not too many questions towards the end, each of which I could handle without any problem, which always helps [grin]

So, now it's just a matter of waiting for results to come on down the wire...

After we were all done 5 of us went for a drink down the pub, this was half-7pm... I rolled back into home at about half-midnight... so much for a quick college visit and then back again by half-6, heh... currently my brain is making it's displeasure at my drinking well known... if you have a deck then check later; I might be on it sleeping off the booooooze o.O

However, this means that, apart from job related stuffs, I now am completely freeeeeeeee from this point onwards to work on things, of which I have a number I want to do;

- plan out the game idea I mentioned in the other entry below; btw no promised on min. spec atm, although if you don't have a card which supports GLSL to a decent level things are a bit grim for you [sad]
- investigate the AGEIA physics SDK; I applied for dev access at the weekend and I appear to have been granted it, so huzzah!
- look at Silverlight; I'm intriged

I'm sure I had more things I wanted to do, certainly give the OGL Longs Peak spec a once or twice over, but that's not remotely due until June (and the lack of OGL Spotlight issue 4 makes me hopeful that everyone is busy on that front), if only because it has killed my urge to do OpenGL stuffs; I dislike the idea of pour effort into an API which is about to be significantly changed and out dated in the near future.

As other things come up I'll deal with them, it's not like I've got anything else todo with my time right now [grin]
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