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More Combat Statistics

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Hello, Hello,

Continuing on with our attempt to solidify the combat system, I decided to post a few more charts. The charts below represent the more secondary statistics.

In specific, we've got the character's chance to absorb damage caused by critical hits, a character's random chance to dodge an incoming attack, and finally, a Tank's damage reduction from using a shield. Each of these are important in their own right, especially for tanks, and it's again useful to have the specific values penciled out before hand, even if you suspect they may change a bit with game balance evolution. At any rate, here are the tables.

This table is how much damage is absorbed from a critical hit. As endurance increases, the amount absorbed also increases.

This table is a character's random chance to "dodge" an incoming attack. While in combat, players may manually "Block" an attack, or they may not. Either way, there is a % chance that a player will "Dodge" instead. If a player is not blocking (meaning they would normally be hit), and their dodge 'procs', then the character will simply step out of the way of the hit.

However, if the character was currently "blocking", and a dodge 'procs', then the character will parry instead. This throws the attacker of balance, and causes a short delay before they can attack again. In the case of Tanks, this opens up an opportunity for a counter attack.

And finally, this table shows the amount of damage absorbed by a tank's shield. Normally when a character "Blocks" they must use their weapon to soften the blow. This causes jarring, muscle cramps, etc...and as a result, still causes about 30-50% of the damage to the defender. However, a tank's shield is designed for defense, and as a result, further softens the impact by an amount listed here.

Taking these attributes int account, plus the Hitpoints and Energy posted yesterday, and you begin to see how the basic balance is going to be maintained. Each class is powerful in 2 areas, while being "ok" in 1 area, and sorta weak in another. This is true of all classes except the Nuker, which is only powerful in 2 areas and weak in the other 2. Have no fear though, what they lack in endurance and strength, they may up for in powerful spells and evasive maneuvers.

Next I'll be posting either the remaining combat statistics, a description of combat interplay, or the special abilities of the classes. I've not decided yet. Why don't you guys let me know which you'd like to see next.

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I'll second the vote on Special Abilities. They will all be nice to see laid out as you've done so far, which is a very nice job.


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