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[EDIT - removed previous post since not really very politic to have such views publically available [smile]].

Got a long weekend, all paid, to have a proper think about whether I want this job or not. Off till next Wednesday, so loads of time to work on my C# project, which is good.

Pretty sure I'll go back keen on Wednesday, but trying not to think about it at the moment.

Thanks for all the nice replies below though. I'm basically just an idiot.
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I had the same thing happen to a friend at work. She wanted to leave so informed her manager. It caused all sorts of problems and instead of being allowed to do her job just ended up sitting there with no work until she left a couple of months later. Sorry to hear you are in the same predicament and I hope you find another position soon.

One positive spin is that you end up sitting at home waiting for replies to job applications and can spend your time on your game :-)


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Sorry to hear that, EC. I've had my own share of honesty in the workplace biting me in the arse. It's an unfortunate lesson to be learned -- blah. [sad]

Hopefully you'll find an employer more worthy of your exceptional abilities. [smile]

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Having slept on it, I've decided to see if I can take back what I said yesterday. I'm not really giving the job a fair shot and hopefully they'll understand that what I said was perhaps a bit in haste.

Fingers crossed please, people.

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