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A 24 hour diversion

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Getting a job in a new city, and moving in less than two weeks is quite the task :/

Anyways, the 'no-compete' and 'inventions' contracts between myself and BLS have been finalized, so any hopes of commercial indie success are at bay for a while :)

It looks like they will allow me to finish Gearo under my own terms, since so much development has already gone into it, but after that, they own all of my new code. (Strange to think that anyone would actually want to own the messy stuff I call my code).

So what does this mean for my participation on gamedev since I won't be able to disclose much of my project at work? Well, I don't know yet. Apparently I can release freeware games (pending approval by my superiors) so I will probably just make much smaller, shorter games post-Gearo.

Actually, I have about 24 hours from now until I actually have 'to do something' so perhaps a short diversion is in order? Hmmm. Ok, I think so. Ima write a short and sweet game in the next 24 hours as a diversion from all of the pain of moving and from the code mangling of Gearo. I have never written a game in such a time frame, so this should be interesting...

No animation
SFX and a music track
No premade levels -- all levels are random/procedural
Single screen of mayhem -- no scrolling
2D (was there ever any doubt)
Things must explode
100% Programmer Art

Feel free to suggest anything else that should go under the requirements. I really have no idea what I am doing O_o
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I think a Robotron/CrimsonLand styled single-screen shooter is in order. Spam particles like it's nobody's business, and you'll have a winner. [grin]

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