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Small Update....

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*In Dr. Evil Voice*
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my secret underground lair.

Yea this is basically so I can test the new 18 man servers locally [instead of the old 6 clients per-server setup]...I had to get another rig for my "work area". I also have a office w/3 comps in it and a T1 line which handles all of the servers. This stuff is just for testing the clients.

I guess I'm going to throw together a "ghost" client mode where no textures/sounds are loaded, and cars/people/objects are represented by bounding boxes. I can run 6 ghost clients on each computer, I should be able to test 18 man server functionality right here.

2 of those computers are loaded w/2 GIG of RAM and DualCore @ 2.4GHZ and they each have a Nvidia Geforce 8800 in them. The other computer is alright it's got a 7600GS 512MB + 512MB of RAM...but yea I just dropped $2k to get another beastly machine so I should be able to test all functionality from here now :-)

Plus I now have Vista, and games like Test Drive Unlimited / Battlefield 2142 look amazing @ the native resolution of this new 22" monitor[1680x1050]...the desktop / "Areo" looks freakin' awesome though. I love the blurring around the edges of the window...

Game-wise...I'm still waist deep in designing the database/website/account backend...should be done in next few days...I'm having to learn PHP / MYSQL whilst implementing this stuff...I have a few thousand lines of code in already and it doesn't look like there will be any showstoppers. I've already tested it w/12,000 accounts, and I have a Win32 managment app that I run to handle everything behind the scenes.

Anyways...Back to work :-)

- Danny
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Good looking setup. I'm personally enjoying Windos Vista too. Love the sleek design of it and so far I haven't run into many issues other than compatibility issues with current hardware. But Vista does well to get it up and running even if the hardware isn't supported yet.

Have you tried developing on it yet?

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Mm, I want that juicy wide-screen monitor. How much did it set you back? Maybe I'll pick up one with my next few paycheques.

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I still do all my development on my XP box....I'm gonna slowly phase over to the Vista by my next game I suppose. Milkshape3D doesn't seem to work on Vista :-/

The 22" Samsung monitor [in front of chair] only cost $349, and I won the 24" one @ GDC '05 [was $1200 at the time]. The 22" is native at 1680x1050 whilst the 24" is native at 1350x768.

As a side note...I'm quite disapointed w/the performance of some of the DX10 SDK apps...the displacement mapping demo w/the lizzard runs at about 5 FPS on my 8800 640MB...It's hard to tell since they didn't include a FPS count in the demos which is really odd.

I'm glad the Vista box is just a toy/workhorse not my main dev machine otherwise I'd be screwed. I'll give them some time to update the drivers/samples :-D

I also got all kinds of other goodies like a TV tuner card, and a Wacom 6x8 tablet plus a new set of speakers, so I have a 5.1 set on the XP Box and a 2.1 on the Vista machine.

Also I have a massive tower fan behind the desk to keep things chilly :-D

- Danny

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