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The Articles Cometh

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Okay, as promised I've whipped up a schedule for the coming month. Obviously this is always subject to change as I determine whether I'll be able to keep up a decent lead time. If submissions start dropping I may stretch things out a bit more, but this is the deal for now. You can see the publishing schedule at the top of the page. For some reason I can't seem to get it to appear the way Google previews it for me:

Which is strange because I copy-pasted the code exactly as Google generated it for me - and I'm sure that the code I copied was changed to match the settings I selected. Something with our journal templates? Any ideas Rich?

Edit: n/m Emmanuel helped me fix it. Yey Emmanuel. He gets a twinkie.

Oh and some more external additions to the resources section, this time from the SlickEdit blog:

VSIP: Detecting code window switches in VS 2005 - A look at the problem of reliably detecting code window lifecycle changes in Visual Studio 2005 using the VSIP SDK

do { ... } while (false); - A small little programming idiom

How to Write an Effective Design Document - This article will discuss how to do write an effective design document concisely with no special tools, and without needing to know UML. It will also discuss why a well written design document is one of the most valuable tools a developer can have when entering a new project.

Small side note: GGE created a new feature for unreleased games called the Anticipation Rating. I updated both Galaxy Conquest and Blitz Blox to reflect their unreleased state. If you got a few seconds and you're interested, visit the pages and give them some love.
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