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Collected Readings on Singletons

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I think you could replace all of that with "Don't use Singletons. Ever. Seriously. Like, use a Monostate or something else. Dude, I'm not kidding. It's just an 'object-oriented' global."

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The thing is, they push singletons in university CS "software engineering" classes. I've had arguments of several minutes with my professors about whether or not it's appropriate to use a singleton, myself arguing that it perverts proper application flow and hampers readability (as well as breaking flexibility) and them arguing that they're lazy.


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Nice one for collecting all those links together. Shall have to remember this link for the inevitable future discussion [smile]

I find that design pattern usage is in one of two extremes - over use or under use, never "just right." People religiously sticking to a pattern are just an example of those with tunnel vision that over-use something and try desperately hard to distort the world to fit that one tool...

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My sarcasm detector might not be working, but I disagree that a monostate is any better than a singleton. Both are globals in disguise (though monostates are very well disguised... which might even be a problem of it's own).

Global mutable state is the major issue I think, since it introduces implicit dependencies between modules that use the state. You may call it a singleton, a monostate or a static variable, but they all suffer from the same problem. The solution is simple: avoid it as much as possible.

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