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Spider bites DO NOT cause metahuman abilities!

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Well, Shelly's in the hospital. She got bitten behind the knee by a brown recluse spider around Monday. She was in and out of the doctors' office all week, but they finally decided to check her in yesterday. They're basically loading her up with IV antibiotics to see if the bigass welt on her leg will improve that way. Thus far, it's looking encouraging. Still, she's outta commission until at least Monday.

For those outside the southern US, brown recluses are a pain in the butt. They're nondescript but fairly poisonous brown spiders that don't spin webs and very rarely ever move (hence their name). They just spend their time hiding out until the lights go out, then they eat and hide again. On the good side, they won't bite you unless you really provoke 'em to. On the bad side, they have a habit of hiding in clothing and under box-flaps, so you can provoke one without even knowing it.

Also you can't spray for 'em because they're so good at hiding. About all you can do is put down lots of sticky-traps (i.e. Roach Motels) and hope that they look for snacks there. So I'm gonna have a few of those on order now.

On a much better note, the Office Depot business card deal is back, and it's even better. It's 250 fairly generic (white with black text and limited formatting options) business cards for less than a buck delivered.

Step 1: Go to http://www.officedepot.com/textSearch.do?uniqueSearchFlag=true&Ntt=794776662&x=1&y=12 and add the business cards to your cart.

Step 2: Pick your layout and text.

Step 3: In the coupon-code field, enter 42146240. This'll give you an additional 15% off the already ridiculously low price.

Step 4: Check out.

My final price with shipping was 91 cents, which comes to about 1/3 cent per card and is a bit better than the $1.07 for my last set. Considering that shipping alone costs more than that, it's a pretty outstanding deal. I print my cards with my URL in huge letters and "Play free puzzle games!" along with my contact info. Shelly and I hand 'em out to folks wherever we go.

If anything, print up a set for yourself just so you'll have something to drop into those "weekly drawing for a free lunch" fishbowl at restaurants.

And, yes, this is a much better deal than those "250 free color business cards" banner ads you see all the time. While those cards are in color and have better formatting options, you're gonna end up paying about $8 for 'em by the time S&H gets rolled in. Also they put an ad on the back of each card unless you pay extra.

Just FYI.
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Owch. I appreciate what spiders do for our environment (I hate insects more than spiders) but some just need to die. Tell Shelly I said get well soon

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