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Class Special Abilities

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Hello Everyone!

Alrighty, based on the minimal votes provided, I'll go ahead and journal the special abilities of each class now, and return to combat system and statistics in the next post.

A quick introduction. Each class is designed to have a (more or less) niche area, and receives a new special ability every 3 levels. The levels not divisible by 3 will be advancements levels, where their previous special abilities become more powerful. Before we get into the specific abilities, lets review what the purpose of each class is.

Tanks are designed for damage absorption, survival, and in general, providing a nice meat shield for everyone else.

Healers are...wait for it...designed for healing. They have a party buff, healing, and a fear spell which gets more powerful over time, to enable them to better heal party members while being attacked.

Nukers are designed more or less for quick or AoE damage. The nukers are the ones that will generally clear out a crowd. However, because of their weak structures, they need more crowd control abilities to ensure their survival while soloing, and to help reduce aggro.

And finally, Handymen are your typical rogue-like classes. They're stealthy individuals who prefer combat from behind or from afar. They use all means necessary at their disposal to take out the bad guys, including poisons, wounding their enemies, and sneaking up behind them. In general, they rely more on their evasiveness than their strength.

So with all of the above being said, here are the special abilities of each class, and the levels they receive them.

Defensive Maneuvers (1): A defensive ability that puts the tank is a defensive stance for 30 seconds, increasing damage absorbed by his shield.
Shield Bash (3): A shield strike, which stuns the enemy for a short period of time
Counter Strike (6): A quick attack only available after a parry which always lands a critical strike.
Taunt (9): An aggro gaining ability that allows the tank to pull an enemy off of any ally
Call To Arms (12): A area of effect shout, which increases morale and grants temporary combat bonuses to all allies for a short period of time.
Whirlwind Strike (15): An area of effect strike dealing multiples hits to all enemies within melee range.

Heal (1): A single target heal.
Tortured Soul (3): A cry that causes 1 or more enemies in melee range to flee in fear. This effects more enemies at higher levels.
Rejuvenate (6): A single target Heal-over-time.
Divine Life (9): Grants the healer the ability to raise people from the dead for a short period of time after dying.
Divine Blessing (12): A Party buff, granting all members a bonus to Endurance and Agility.
Healing Fountain (15): A party heal.

Fireball (1): A single target, high damage spell
Stoneskin (3): A self-buffing spell granting the caster increased natural armor.
Polymorph (6): A crown control ability allowing the caster to turn a single enemy at a time into a bunny.
Head Wind (9): A crowd control ability enabling the caster to slow the movement of all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
Planar Shift (12): An ability that allows the caster blink in and out of planes, reducing the aggro on monsters.
Meteor Strike (15): A massive AoE, Damage over time spell.

Stealth (1): Grants the handyman the ability to hide in plain sight
Backstab (3): A decisive shot which can only be made from behind a target. This ability always lands a critical strike.
Disable Device (6): A passive ability that enables the handyman to open locks on doors and chests.
Evasive Maneuvers (9): Puts the handyman into an evasive stance for a short period of time, where their dodge % is increased dramatically.
Bleeding Wound (12): An open wound ability that causes their enemies to take damage over time.
Poisoned Arrow (15): A single-target debuff, which reduces the targets strength and endurance.

Well all, that about wraps it up. I hope you find these abilities enticing. I'm very much looking forward to implementing them and seeing how they interact with each other in PvP. Also, some of these have some nifty shader and particle effects that I'm really looking forward to making.

Feel free to provide your own feedback as usual. The next post will likely be describing the combat system in-depth. Cheers!

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This is looking great so far, IMO. I have to admit, I'm partial to the specials myself, as they are a huge influence on class selection. In my experience, there's a lot of weight put on the "oooh look what I'll be able to do if I'm a ... ", so seeing specials and how they'll work is an automatic builder for game excitement, I think.

Keep up the fantastic work. From seeing your previous work here at GD, I have no doubts at all in your ability to pull this off, and I personally think it would be awesome for the masses of "it's impossible" coders to have a little "crow" so to speak :D


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