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As of yesterday, almost all of the space ship functionality is there.

I got the crystal creation system in there, as well as the atomization ( ie destroy a crystal into its element components ).

Also put in a weapon destructor so you don't litter your ship or the weapon locker with unwanted low-grade pistols.

This morning I added the reveal crystal, which is a power-up that shows enemies on the minimap. This is a skill that the bat-creatures will posses natively, so by playing as a bat-creature, you can save your elements to create other crystals.

This afternoon I'll be putting in the beacon crystal, which will temporarily hypnotize enemies and draw them towards the glowing, pulsing crystal, until it wears out or they are attacked.

Remaining on the space ship is the solar-system hub interface and the research station, where you can look up information on various races and locations learned throughout the game.

Today we finalized the 3 shareware levels, as well as the semi-cliffhanger ending.
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