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Business as unusual

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I've been steadily driving Spineless forward, (re)implementing basic stuff and/or copying code from the old implementation. I fixed a problem with the way pluggable components were being loaded and started working on the scene graph renderer. As I said earlier, it will be more or less the same as the "old Spineless", but reimplemented to be better, cleaner, faster and, of course, sexier! [wink]

Unfortunately, I haven't heard from my hosting company for over a day now, and they still haven't enabled my MySQL databases... so that's a "no" for installing Bitweaver (which I'm going to try first of the wiki/cms options I have). I couldn't get Python scripts working on the web server, so I couldn't install Trac either. *sigh* Well, I guess things will get sorted out. Or else I'll have to find another hosting company...

Last, but not least, I might as well announce the slight name change I was talking about earlier. The new name of Spineless game engine will be Spineless Jelly game engine, or just Spineless Jelly. I can already imagine a logo for the engine. [wink] The "unix name" will still be spineless, and I will continue version numbering as is. So the next release of Spineless will be Spineless Jelly game engine 0.3.0.

Keep your fingers crossed for my new web site, I might give you a cookie or a cool screenshot in return! [smile]

PS. I will start (or rather continue) a game project as soon as the scene graph renderer and COLLADA loader are in a usable state. Tentative project name for the game is Red Nebula.

EDIT & PPS. 11000 views, yay. [smile]

EDIT 2: is anyone interested in detailed explanations of the engine and its implementation, like I did in May? If I get at least a couple of answers which evaluate to True, I promise I'll do it.
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I'm always interested in learning more about the internals of engines, especially since I'm still tweaking mine. I don't particularly mind if you stick with the general overview; I'm more interested in the high-level design then the specifics of implementation (unless the specifics involve something you think is particularly clever).

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Original post by Selkrank
If I get at least a couple of answers which evaluate to True

Original post by rick_appleton




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