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I got U3 working, and I love it, but I'm working out the kinks on the rest of my thumb drive programs, like Code::Blocks; see next paragraph.

I've installed Code::Blocks on my Cruzer - it's easier to call it by its model name than "USB drive" or "thumb drive", and it sounds cooler - but I can't get it to see the MinGW compiler I installed there too. That means, I can't compile any programs! I tried getting MinGW to work with SciTE - a text editor I only picked up because it has decent Lua highlighting, and it's easy to point it to a lua compiler - but even when I point its C++ compiler setting to the compiler executable, it tosses a gazillion errors at me - all sprouting from me including . -_-

So, now I'm on the GameDev IRC channel, scrounging around for help getting this to work. (Code::Blocks, not SciTE, please) I guess I'll be able to get back to real programming when I come back from vacation... that's in 8 days.
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For Code::Blocks, you'll probably need to go to Settings -> Compiler and Debugger, and then click on the programs tab under Global Compiler Settings. You'll then need to manually select the Mingw installation file for your "Compiler's installation directory". This will hopefully set up everything in the Program Files tab. If not I guess you can set each one manually.

Here's what my Global Compiler Settings looks like:

Hope some of that helps :)

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That really helped a lot, but there's so many things that point to locations on the main hard drive and stuff, and I can't use relative paths - I've got to use the drive letter for the thumb drive instead of ../ - meaning it could not work if the drive lettter is different... I'm just going to DL Visual C++ and uninstall it when I get back, this is a PAIN.

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