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Breaking Out...Literally

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Well, its been a minute since I have had a chance to touch my engine code. So I've decieded to do a quick little side project with what I have just to keep my sanity.

That last two weeks have been somewhat of a drain with one more week of training yet to go.

So right now I'm off work until Tuesday and it is with this time I will see how far I can get with a Break Out Clone. Last night, I started creating some splash screens and thinking about some graphics for it.

Of course, I'll go over the top and cross the line of "over board". When you stare at code all day photoshop is a release and a sanctuary at times [cool]

Here is a peak at one of the splash screen for the uber leet Break Out Clone!

Secret PS3 Game!

...yes, I know it's the Halo Font.
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