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2D and aspect ratio

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I've added in fonts and 2D images. Since there's no way to use matrices, the scene class stores the vertices used by the 2D draw calls. Since most of the images are always drawn in the same spot this is only done once. The Font class uses something similar although it builds multiple quads instead of 1. It's a big improvment over the previous versions where font rendering was dynamic and would murder the framerate.

I also fixed thee aspect ratio to be exactly like Dooms. I only got it by plugging random values into PerspectiveFovLH and adjusting the viewport to leave out the area with the status bar.


Chocolate Doom:

The sky is up next. I'm trying to stay as close to oldschool Doom as possible, but I really hate the way the sky "bends" in it. Still not sure how I'll implement it, but I don't want it to look like the cylinder OpenGL ports use.
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Just to let you know, but you've actually got the aspect ratio wrong. You're comparing against a screenshot without the aspect ratio corrected. DOS Doom ran in 320x200 on a 4:3 aspect ratio display, so the pixels aren't square. You need to scale up (stretch) the image to a 4:3 aspect ratio and then it will look correct.

There are more details on the Doom wiki:

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