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Updated Screens

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Ok, here are a few updates in the way of mock game screens. The first image is the splash screen and the following screen is a mock up of what the actual game will look like.

I'm just about ready to start coding.... [cool]

Splash Screen

Newer Version

Game Mock Up

Game Mock Up

All that is left is to round up some sound effects and create some music. Then it's off to coding it.

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Recommended Comments

Thanks Shadow :)

I literally just finished the last little bit of polish. Once I figure out the sound effects I'll open up fruity loops and see what happens.

Weird thing is, for something as small as this little breakout game the graphics needed turned out to be alot. Makes you wonder how a lonewolf actually pulls off bigger games with more content :)

Mind blowing...

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Breakout fever has struck GameDev!

I like the futuristic look of your version. Do the unconventionally round bricks make a different to how the game plays?

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@Trapper Zoid: Funny you asked. At first I was just trying to be different and make something slightly out of the ordinary graphically. Then I started thinking about different types of game play etc (scope creep on a tech demo?) LOL...I guess I was headed that way.

Anyway,to answer your question, at this time I havent even really thought beyond traditional break out play.

Thanks for the graphics compliment though [cool]

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