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Brixtar - End of Week

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Trapper Zoid


My first one week game development challenge is over and Brixtar is... not quite yet releasable, unfortunately. I still need to clean up things a little bit and add in a dozen or so levels before it's playtestable. Even though it still doesn't have sound or a menu system I'll throw something together tonight and get a demo out; that's the whole point of this "one week" thing, after all.

This week I'll continue to put the final touches onto Brixtar, as well as fix up the Diagonal Game Library. While I was working on Brixtar I compiled a long list of annoyances that I need to work through; there's some pretty serious problems in there that need fixing. If there's any time left this week I'll move onto implementing new features in advance of next week's game development challenge - which nicely involves the MAGIC competition (only one week to go!)
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[lol] No wonder you asked me that question about BreakOut.

Man, this Brixtar looks awesome. I'd love to see a Fraps video or something when you get a playble alpha together. Looks really cool!

Good Luck!

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Original post by Ravuya
Can't wait for the contest. Been meaning to do a one-week game for what seems like forever.

Same here. It will be great to work on something simple rather than the ambitious projects I usually get myself into.

I'm a little worried about what the secret theme will be, though[grin]

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