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Text rendering

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Well, its been a whole month since my last entry. I went home for a week or two to help my parents move into their new house. I also went to my convocation and got my degree. They had tribal drummers and a chinese dragon; it was pretty good.

I've been working on text rendering with FreeType for the past few days. To maintain portability and consistency with the rest of the system, I have to load the outlines and bitmaps into a custom res::Font struct. For rendering the outlines, I put them back into a FT_Outline struct and call FT_Outline_Render. I finally got some text on the screen, so I thought I'd post a screenshot. It looks quite bad as there's some clipping going on, and its quite slow at the moment, so tomorrow I'll be fixing it up.

I bought DreamFall for $20 a week ago. I don't think I've ever played a modern adventure game, so I figured it was time I did some research. It was more interactive fiction than I was expecting, but it was still pretty good. The storyline was deep and some of the visuals were nice.
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