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Contract almost over

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Life has been amazingly hectic since my last post! The Oracle Reports contract has burned a heap of my time! Well over two months worth!! Bah! :P

But thankfully it's looking like it's about to come to a close.. all the major work is done, and am about to do an install into the client's test environment. There'll inevitably be some testing and fixes, but I think(prey) these will be minor and will only take up another week or so.

Been working on Freehauler on Sundays, have made slow progress in establishing the Model-View-Presenter architecture. It's rather frustrating though because it takes a while to get my head around what I was thinking on the last Sunday and in the time it takes to gather any momentum, it is all over for another week!!

After the contract I've decided to take a week of holidays, then spend some time revisiting and reinforcing the game concept (in my mind as well as on paper). The concept has admittedly been shoved aside in favor of game engine development, as I'm pretty sure of where I'm going in terms of game-play and features, so that's OK for now, but in the long term without a solid game design theme I'm running blind basically!

I also intend to revisit the company business plan and to seek potential support and/or funding from local businesses. Unfortunately my town has a reputation for being conservative and an "out-there" business idea like game development might be a hard sell. But I'm thinking it is getting pretty ridiculous doing everything on my own without a support base.
Even if no-one is willing to risk investing funds, if I can get some help with setting up and running a business, or advice on legal matters it will be helpful!
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