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Neverhood - ftw

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Anyone remeber neverhood? I got it as an unexpected birthday present when I was young (cant remeber exctaly when) and thought it was awsome adventure game. Anyway I did a few tribute sketches and uploaded them to youtube:




The editor is coming along for fallen smash bash. Because of recent exams I havent progressed that much but for the engine the basic GUI system is in place so I just need to code the required gadgets for the editor, nameley; Butons(images, toggled, grouped), Color Picker, edit boxes and spinners.

edit: dam this keyboard to hell (actually its pretty good for touch typing)
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I bought Neverhood as a present for one of my sisters, I think. It was a fine if bizarre adventure game. I wonder what they did with all the plasticine when they were finished making the game...

And did anyone read all that back history text on that impossibly long wall? I'm mean - sheeze, that thing went on forever.

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Yea that went on forever, I think I read about 1/4 of it.

edit: Not sure what they did with all the plasticine - though I thik they actually used latex. I sure theres a 'making of' video w/ the game that explains the whole process (you can see parts on youtube im sure).

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