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Prince of Soul Strider Combat

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Hey Everyone,

I Didn't want you to think I'd vanished. Just to give you an update, I'm in the process of defining the character controls and combat. Given that the primary purpose of this game is to explore the world and fight mobs and other players, I want combat to be an immersive and enjoyable process...highly involved.

As such I've taken a few different games which I feel have unique movement and combat systems, and am in the process of trying to elegantly tie them together.

For the time being, I've established that the game will handle largely like a Prince of Persia platformer, with the ability to move, jump, climb, swim, tumble, and generally feel very acrobatic. This gives the game more of an action-adventure feel rather than a traditional MMO RPG feel.

Additionally, I really enjoyed a classic Sega Genesis game called Strider, in which you were able to jump from ledge to ledge, grab onto larger monsters, hang from ropes, etc...this too defines my adventure-style play.

Finally, the combat system, IMO, should function like combat-style games...specifically, modern fighting games. At this point in time, Soul Calibur 2 probably best describes the fighting game genre in its current reincarnation. Although I've never actually played it (I'm more of a MK fan), I've heard great things about it's controls, requiring few buttons, etc...which is key for us, given that it must play well on a Keyboard/Mouse, and also a Game Pad.

So, we're looking for a Prince of Persia feel, a Soul Calibur-esque combat system, and the ability to interact with NPC's, go on quests, gain experience, a more traditional RPG.

I'll have more specific details about movement and combat in the coming days as I nail down an intuitive system.

Please feel free to provide feedback.

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I think you might be aiming a little too high; your feature list is already stuffed beyond capacity. I'd personally be extremely impressed if your Mini-MORPG just had Zelda: Link to the Past type graphics and combat; with a little bit of sword swinging and maybe the occasional arrow shooting. I don't think you need all this extra stuff for the game to be great.

Additional: Please don't take this to be discouraging; I'm following your progress with enthusiasm. It's just that with a team of one everything just takes so long to do I'm in favour of the philosophy keeping things simple so it's actually achievable by a lone developer. I'm afraid if you go overboard with the planned features you'll end up with a monster of a game design you won't be able to complete.

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I don't think this is adding that much more complexity to the game, really. Actually, let me clarify: considering this is a mini-morpg, to me this would be like saying I want to add this style of brick into the house. With the adventuring and combat being the primary focus in the engine, I think it's a great idea.

Considering the technicality of it, obtaining the different styles of movement such as jumping, swimming, tumbling, etc, these are 95% based on simply adding some new animation sequences with certain rotations applied, aren't they? I ask more of the others aside from swimming, because I already added swimming into one of my learning apps with terrain. I simply added another animation for my character, changed the rotation appropriately for swimming, enabled it when the character was under a waterline, change the fogging up a bit, and bingo-boingo I had swimming =D.

With jumping from ledge to ledge and hanging from ropes, etc, I haven't any experience with that specifically, but think it would be very interesting to implement.



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