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Some Progress

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Well, I did not work on things as much as I wanted to this past weekend. I simply got distracted and went out with friends every night. The plus side being I did spend about five hours each day working on things, which is better then nothing, but not the full time work on the game I was hoping for.

What I did get accomplished was starting to develop a general graphical style for the game. I changed my avatar with a sample, but the size restriction forced me to cut a lot of it off. At any rate, here is the full size pic.

I'll be working on creating a full set of animations for three characters over the next month. I'm a little worried about my art skills staying persistent and being able to continue with the same style, but so far so good.

I finished up general mouse input functionality today as well. Screen coordinates are properly translated to world coordinates, ect... I started working on implementing picking in OpenGL and want to finish that implementation before moving on to python implementation, and then working on specific code for Wrath of the Scarecrow. I didn't really work on any more design this weekend, which is something that I will do when I'm finished with this entry. I suppose I'll move on to doing that. Oh, I also didn't work on the website stuff that I wanted to get done. That's what I get for wasting time though. More tomorrow.
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