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Let's do something else...

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Emmanuel Deloget


It's been a while since I haven't updated my journal. So here it is.

First, I'm quite happy to have exceeded my desires for my French blog. I was targetting 200 to 300 visit per month after one year, and I am currently at 700 visit per month after 10 month. OK, the numbers are ridiculous. But I'm still happy [smile]. BTW, I updated it to put two other articles about Win32 programming (here and here; Babelfish has some issues when it translates it (custermore MDI? No, that's MDI client dude). It becomes even weirder when it tries to translate english to english. Of course, Google translation is not much better - in fact, the translation is so similar that I wonder if they don't use the same engine... But Google also destroy some formatting, so use Babelfish if you want to get something...)

Second, I'm working on a PHP game. I'm searching for someone who can help me to design some graphics (not much) and the site style (not that difficult). If you're interested, PM me. And I resumed the work with Winterdyne (that's good). And I have to contact the people I met at the fmx/07. And of course, I have tons of other things to do (including the SOMETHING project, which is far bigger than what I expected). Anyway, I'll do my best to be up to date with the news [smile].

Third, I'm going to marry. With myself. Because of you, I don't have the time to meet a woman.
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