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Good freebie and personal bits

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Good freebie on Game Giveaway of the Day today, especially for fans of the "take a simple game and make it better" genre. It's Battle Snake, and it's about the nth iteration of the old classic Snake game.

It's quite well done, though. I like that you can consume fruit to increase your snake's length (no surprise there), but you can then fire missiles from your snake to decrease his length and defeat enemies. It changes the goal of the game from simply managing the board's whitespace to more of a "destroy the enemies" game.

So it's really an entirely different game from Snake, but it does use the Snake metaphor cleverly.

Note that the game is only available TODAY, and you must download, install, and activate the game today for it to be free. It won't be available for download tomorrow, and the activate program won't work tomorrow either, so you have to download and install the program TODAY unless you wanna pay for it.

The only things I don't like about the program:

1. It only runs full-screen, and it does that horrible somewhat-standardized-directX way of going to full-screen that looks horrible and resizes all of your windows and acts terribly on a two-monitor system. HAVE A "RUN THIS PROGRAM IN A WINDOW" VERSION, PEOPLE!

2. The music is repetitive. But hey, I'm as guilty of that as anyone and, to quote Peaches & Herb *, If Repetitive Music Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right.

3. It's not written in the US (Russia, according to whois), and the English translation is a mite spotty. There's a little paragraph of text before each level that explains the "story" (why simple games require a backstory is a mystery to me, but that's a discussion for another day), and that paragraph appears to have been translated with Babelfish.

Other than that, it's a lot of fun. And it's free today. After that it's $12.95.

Shelly's still in the hospital, but it looks like she'll be getting out this morning. The bite on her leg now just looks like a small bruise. She'll probably have an ugly scab for 3 weeks and then it'll be officially over. Unfortunately she had to miss out on a big party at a friend's house yesterday, and that was a bummer.

This is Maggie's last week of school, and like most last weeks-o-school, it's chock full of non-learning. She's got "splash day" tomorrow, which consists of about 75 3-6 year-olds and a dozen lawn sprinklers. Thursday is the pizza party for her baseball team. Friday is "field day" where the kids all hang out in the playground and eat hot dogs.

So thus ends Maggie's second year of school. We're gonna keep her in the private Montessori for at least another year. The local public schools around here are really good, so we'll reassess after another year if it's worth the extra money we're paying for private schooling.

For the summer, we have her enrolled at the local Kinder Care for "camp". They're doing at least one field trip a week to movies, bowling, museums, etc, so she can't wait for that to start.

* not really
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