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Spent a couple of hours making a few bugfixes:

  1. GDNet Gathering: Viewing received invitations are now fixed.

    This was a pretty nasty bug. When we changed the site's password-handling code back in February, the 'user accounts' table got an extra column (FTP password). This user accounts table is used by a view, which joins it with other tables - the user profiles table, the geographical names tables, etc - to produce one big "everything you ever wanted to know about this user but were afraid to ask" table. For whatever reason, when we added the extra column to the user accounts table, it didn't regenerate the view - meaning that the new column was now overwriting one of the columns provided by the other tables in the join. Re-creating the view fixed it, though I'm surprised it wasn't picked up automatically - I thought SQL Server handled those kinds of dependencies for you. I guess I'm wrong.

  2. GDNet Gathering: Viewing join requests is now fixed. There was some debugging code left over that was screwing things up. Gone now.

  3. GD Showcase: Screenshots are now working.

  4. GD Showcase: The download URL is now properly formed. It was probably working fine in everyone's browsers beforehand, but now there should be no question about it.

Quite why I'm doing this when my exams start in 5 days I'm not sure. Or maybe I know exactly why...
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