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Life just is not cooperating with me. If you've read my LJ you know that someone seems to have gotten their hands on my bank account information and spent over $500usd. So I've been dealing with that. The bank has given me the $500 some back, but they haven't refunded the 3 overdraft fees that resulted from it ($132usd total.) So tomorrow I get to go in and deal with that, close my old account, and open a new one.

I have finished some stuff though. The map and camera systems are done. I'm finishing up the modifications to the sprite system and then I'll be moving on.

/me rushes off to work

Ok, that took forever. I got the Sprite system setup to use a collapsed system. When a layer is added, all of the sprite's layers' textures are combined into one texture. If a layer is changed or added, then the main texture is refreshed. This gave me a nice boost in fps (about 50fps more like 150fps.)

Here's a new screenshot:

What you can't tell from the screenshot: The water is animated, the person is made of 3 layers, with the second layer (the armor) having a tint of rgb(64, 64, 64), shadows get lighter as the light gets closer to them, and the camera system is working.

Moving on!

4:22am - 38 hours until new demo
I'm never going to make it lol. I want to stay up and do more work, but I'm wicked tired and need to go to bed. I've got the item and weapon systems almost finished. I guess we'll see what I can get done after work tomorrow. Night all!
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