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Oddment tables.

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Well, someone suggested implementing oddment tables into my game in a previous entry, so I did. It's now in the mainline Propane Injector branch for the next point release, also.

I don't think I'll be ready to do the random ship spawning right now, so I'll just leave that aside for now and focus on other stuff.

Some things today:
  • Fixed up the "radio interface". It's now word-wrapping and contains the name of the actor that sent the messages to you.
  • Fluffed out the joystick support for Amaranth. I want to get 360 joypads working in the next few days, which means I first have to port over Propane::Math::Vector to C#.
  • Ran Amaranth against MoMA, the Mono compatibility checker. So far, so good! The Millions Of Questies F# demo will work perfectly on Linux and Mac OS X.
I didn't have much time to work on my game stuff today, but tomorrow is a whole other story. Expect a lot more soon. I might even start fluffing out the Propane Injector Game2D classes so I can dominate the MAGIC competition!
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