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Ok, time to get to work on this thing. I'll be updating as I get things done. I'm not going to bed until the new demo is done. I'm really hoping I can make the deadline I've set (6pm tonight; 16 hours from now.) We'll see.

2:30am - 13.5 hours to deadline
Gotta love how you get knee deep into your code before you realize you're completely skull-fucked. One of my main problems with the old code still exists: I'm generalizing way too much. So, I'm jumping from one end to the other; all of the game code (map system, character system, etc) are going to be specific to Invasion. After taking the system out and putting it into a new project a couple times I'll eventually have it generalized to the max and then I'll add it to DFT.

I've got most of the character system hacked together. Now to fix a few small things and move on.

5:23am - 10.5 hours to deadline
Yea, not getting anywhere fast. Had to rewrite the engine, game class, and state systems. Got IntroState done; now I just need to get MainMenuState and GameState done and I'm caught back up. Hopefully this goes well lol.

God it's nice to see my main-menu again lol.
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