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One for the road...

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Prinz Eugn


Tomorrow I'm leaving for that Storycasting thing, which in case I forgot to tell you, I'm to for a week. It's pretty much like a camp where you learn to make films, but everyone is going to be a year younger than me, which could be good or bad. I hope the female ones are hot and the male ones are going to be less awesome than me. I give this a 100% chance of this happening, knowing me.

Gun Sketches

The other day I felt like sketching guns for a few hours, and these are the results:

This one is supposed to be like a Dobergun, like from Gundam Wing. Y'know... Gundam Wing... the Tallgeese's gun? No? Too bad.
It's supposed to be shoulder fired, and it's my least favorite of the gun drawings(that I'm showing you...).

This one is a futuristic pistol with an extended grip because I've been drooling over that SL9 for too long(more on that later). It could shoot anything from lasers to plasma, perhaps laser-plasmatic space goo. Who knows?

This is more like an assault rifle, and is probably my favorite. did another version before this one and it's absence indicates how much I liked it :/

Missile Frigate

This is fairly straightforward: a boat for Angels 22 that shoots missiles. I really like it because of the Camouflage. I actually(very cleverly*) used Photoshop to select a pattern on the ship after the drawing was done and change the Hue/brightness to get the intended result. A billion times easier that the hardcore MS Paint technique of olde.

The one below it is the post-player interaction version.

*but not really

Sir Sapo and I actually have a big intermediate thingy in the works, but I'll make him talk about it in his journal, if he'll ever stop being a huge goddamn pussy and put up an entry.

Well, I gotsta get going...

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Good luck with the whole getting laid thing.

The pistol and assault rifle really remind me of the Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle from Halo. Intentional? Nice work on them, btw.

That ship really looks like a submarine. Maybe it's a mix of both?

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Watch out for the younger women man, always wade into the water, never just dive in. Well, that's my unasked for advice anyways. Have fun at camp, and congrats on graduating high school.

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