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Strange day.

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I did a lot today, but also not a lot.
  • A bunch of stuff got added to Amaranth: Math, a full non-immediate GUI library, various GLUT interfaces, etc. I didn't write it, I just added it to the repo.
  • Started on a TextMate F# bundle. How handy it is that Microsoft just makes a big list of the keywords, syntax, etc on their manual page.
  • Started refactoring the Game class in Novarunner to get ready for vignettes; once this stuff is in the game should be able to have some nice polish and transitions between various states.
  • Bolted the oddments table into Novarunner; now just to stock it and make rolls on it to populate the universe (oh, and not to stick any ships into planets).
I'll probably get more real stuff done tomorrow. I'm kind of tired of not having any screenshots, dammit.
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Original post by Ravuya
I'm kind of tired of not having any screenshots, dammit.

You and me both, quit holding out on us already.

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