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Bathing is neither difficult nor time consuming

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Warning: Rant follows.

I hate working at school. You know why? Because any time you walk into one of the labs, you get smacked in the face with the stench of dozens of unwashed people. And I'm not even exaggerating. I think it's worse at a school like Digipen, because of the type of people that go there, but I mean come on. How do people not take the time to clean themselves? Showering takes 20, maybe 30 minutes a day, so don't give me any bullshit about not having the time.

This is a fairly common trait amongst the "nerds" that I've met (not that I want to generalize; I'm sure all you readers are exempt from this, right?), and it kind of horrifies me. Is it just a self-esteem thing? Have these people so given up on the thought of social interaction that they just don't care enough to be clean any more? Or am I just missing something?

Whatever, I don't get it. I just know that walking into a computer lab at school makes me feel all dirty, and not in a good way.
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What? Shower more then once a week?? What is this seventeenth century Japan. Come on man get with the times, heathenism is in. Who ever said cleanliness is Godliness obviously never rolled around in a VDub smoking pounds of hash for three days straight and then rolled into a lab class, or any other place for that matter. Trust me, you do that, and you'll be closer to God then you want to be man.

Sarcasm, it's my friend.

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Ok, I know this post is old, but... EWWwwwwww that's so gross.

I'll admit there have been times where I haven't showered for maybe a day. A very rare occurence is two, but this is usually over a school break when I don't need to meet anyone.

I can say the engineering department at my school is not like that at all! Wow... I thought of going to Digipen for grad school but now I'm not sure, yuck!

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