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Jobseeking again

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It's official. I've lost my job. Been given a months notice before my replacement starts. I guess that's what you get for being honest. Lesson learned for the future.

At least I have a month to find something else and there seems to be quite a lot of work about round where I live at the moment.

If all else fails, there is always agency temping, although the money is normally pretty terrible. Hopefully something else will come up first. Got a couple of possibilities in the pipeline.

Map.NET progresses well on the second write. I've been building a lot of the general functionality of some of the visual bits into external controls that I've added to my VS toolbox, which is moving a lot of the complicated code out of the main project.

I'm still really digging C#. My only concern is that when the map editor is actually finished, I won't want to go back to C++ and carry on with Udo, but I guess I can just force myself.

Need to have a serious think about getting into MDX or XNA.
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I just walked a job that was (originally) not bad. Sometimes change isn't a bad thing and, hopefully, I find a new job that respects creativity.

I've been working on a news web site the past 4 years and I'm planning a content management system of my own in C#. One thing that I've found in my 4 years there is that no one has any clue what content and data management is really about. I'll probably find another job in the meantime but I'm also planning on building my own company on what I've learned over that past few years. Like I said, sometimes change is good.

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Sorry to hear about the job [sad]. On to bigger and better things, hopefully.

On XNA: I'm taking a class in C#/XNA this semester, so far I'm pretty impressed with it. C# is an awesome language, and the XNA framework seems very robust. It's lacking a bit in the physics department, but it makes lots of graphics/input/miscellaneous stuff a breeze. So far (disclaimer: it's only been about a month) I give it a big .

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You could also check out SlimDX, which is an unofficial managed wrapper around D3D, developed by some of gamedev's own!

It's shaping up to be pretty good. I'd recommend peeking at it.

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