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*grumble* I knew the 500 or so hits this journal gets per day were web spiders. I knew it.

[wink] Anyways, I've been able to post up the remainder of the Linux Game Development articles. If you page ahead through October you'll see them all scheduled, descriptions included of course. Troy Hepfner, the author of this series, is the president and owner of My Game Company, an independent game development studio that produces clean, family-friendly games for children of all ages. Anyone looking to get into Linux development? This series is for you!

In other news, Blade Edge Productions has been called out once again to compile a new and improved highlight reel for the Torch! show. You may recall the Teaser I showcased a while ago, well an extended version with cooler stuff was required, some execs are looking at it for their park for Halloween. Can't say which park yet, but it's bigger than Six Flags. Fingers are crossed...
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