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Ideas and distractions.

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So, after 3 weeks of trying to get the 10 day free trial of WoW I finally managed to obtain a copy the other night.

I have to say, I'm not that bothered about it, I've played it for a few hours and made it to lvl9 with little or no problems (a few deaths here and there, but as they don't seem to cost you anything apart from time it's not like it's a problem). The world looks nice and all but I can't help feel that the game is going to require alot of team work as things progress and unfortunately I'm the kinda player who likes to strap on big armor, grab a big sword and wander off into the woods on his own to hit stuff alot until it dies [grin]

I don't know if I'll carry on playing when the 10 days are up, see how things progress, but right now it's not looking good.

I've applied to the Warhammer MMO game beta, if I get on it we'll see if I'm drawn in more by that than WoW.

Now, gamedev stuffs;

The Tower Defense style game which was mentioned before is still knocking about in my head, however as previously mentioned I'm having some issues with starting it simply because of the OpenGL API changes; I know me, I'll start work on it, new API comes along and all the old work get scrapped and thus makes it a waste of times.

So, instead I've been considering various aspects of the game, such as what the city provides, the towers, how it'll be played.

The towers themselves are the main consideration, atm they break down to the following setup;

- Offensive towers
These are your standard firing towers, they come in a couple of classes;
- Laser
- Ballistic (sp?)
- Rocket

Each type being upgradable to increase range, firepower and/or speed (I've not decided how to stack upgrades yet). Rocket towers will probably come in dumb fire an homing versions [grin]
I'm toying with the idea of having one base tower onto which you could load upgrades to slots (kinda Eve-online like); so a simple tower would have one slot which could take one weapon, where as a more expensive tower could have 3 slots which gives it 3 weapons (or 2 weapons and a defensive bonus or something).

- Defensive towers
This will basically be a tower group which let you generate a sheild between towers. I might throw in some 'blocking' towers as well which act as barricades.

- Observation towers
Basically used to increase you line of sight over greater distances, I have decided yet if I want multiple classes here or if upgrades will grant things such as radar and possibly 'stealth detection', the latter depends on the monsters abilities.

Atm I'm mostly re-reading my Lua5.1 book to brush up on that as I plan for most of the implimentation to be done in Lua if possible.

I might make the inital version 2D, so test out the AI, firing modes and game play specifics, then make it 3D with programmer models (lolol cones and cynlinders) before trying to rope in any other help.. but that'll be a while yet [smile]
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I tried the notso WoW free trial last year and had a similar experience about this time last year. I was not impressed, simply because of what I believe online gameplay should be about, which is community. Which apparently does exist for the game, but isn't something that you can really experience in just one day. But I got bored and continued playing through the expansions of the original neverwinter nights. Ah sweet memories, and long rants.

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