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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

Its certainly been ahile hasn't it? I wish I had a lot of awesome Angels 22 screens to show you guys to make up for my absence, but unfortunately, most of the work I've been doing is either top-secret(ie. gonna be ca-razy go nuts!), or behind the scenes stuff that you can't really see. Hopefully I'll be able to interest you guys by ranting on and on about the technical stuff I've been up to, and an update on my life, Prinz Eugn style.

As some of you may know, I've been trying to go to college at the U.S. Air Force academy, and become a fighter pilot like my father. Unfortunately, I was medically disqualified for service because of.... heartburn! Yeah, WTF. Anyways, I applied for a medical waiver that would allow me to go to the academy anyways, and everyone I talked to expected it to be granted quickly. Well, I found out about a month ago that the waiver was rejected, and I can't go to the academy this year, which fucking sucks, because I was apparently an extremely competetive candidate, with good chances of being appointed. What gets me the most though is that one of my friends is applying to Westpoint, and he got a waiver for asthma, while I was rejected for having heartburn, which I don't even have to take medicine for. Fortunately, my heartburn "problem" can be fixed with a relatively simple laproscopic surgery, so I'm not completely out of the running yet, I just have to reapply next year. In the meantime, I'll be going to the wonderful school of New Mexico Tech!! I was offered a nice scholarship there, and its actually a very well respected engineering school, so I'll hopefully go there for a year, and then get accepted to the Air Force Academy, and start over there as a freshman in a year. I was pretty pissed off the first couple of days after learning of my waiver rejection, but I've decided to look on the bright side, so I made a pro/con list in my head for the whole situation, which I will now transcribe to the internets.....

-I get at least one year of "real" college life to experience
-I'll be getting experience in a lot of classes that will help ease the transition to the Academy
-I get to keep on programming games for awhile longer!!
-I can stay unhealthily obsessed with GDNet for at least another year!
-Halo 3!!!!!!!
-I get a new car
-I can work this summer and get the monies!

-I have to restart as a freshman if I get into the Academy, so it'll be 5 years of college
-I have a whole year to get out of physical shape (I just came off of the swimming season)
-I have to work this summer to get the monies....
-Tons more I don't even feel like listing

Air Force Academy Trip
Before I found out about my disqualification, me and two of my friends decided to rent an airplane over spring break and fly up to the Air Force Academy to see what it was like, and meet some friends we know up there. It was pretty much the adventure of a lifetime, as it took us about 4.5 hours to fly up there, through dangerous mountain passes, gale force winds, and overpriced aviation fuel. It was pretty freaking awesome though, and I documented our trip with my digital camera. I've picked out two of the best piktars, and while I know most of you guys don't care about my personal life, theres still some pretty cool pictures of the scenery on the way.

This is a view of the mountainous terrain we were overflying most of the way there. It wouldn't have been a good place to lose an engine...

I really like this picture, its a mountain road we were following through a really high mountain chain. Even though we're about 700 feet off the ground, we're at about 12,000 feet above sea level, and the airplane was barely maintaining altitude with all of our baggage weighing us down. Fun stuff.

While I was rooting through my digital camera looking for the trip pictures, I stumbled across some pics from my dad's retirement ceremony from the Air Force. It happened a little while ago, but some of the pics are kinda funny, so here are the best ones....

Taxiing in from his final flight

The traditional Air Force "hosing down" of the retiree

Nice family pic in front of his F-4

Even the Hooter's Girls showed up (They even brought chicken wings)

My growing IL2 Sturmovik obsession...
I've been a fan of Sturmovik for a long time, so a couple weeks ago I bought the new installment of the series, IL2: 1946. For the record, it kicks serious ass. I can't stop playing the damn thing, theres around 300 playable airplanes, online play, pretty clouds.... I just can't get enough. Anyways, its sucking up a huge amount of my time, so I thought I'd post a kickass screenshot of my grilling some guys online in a Spitfire. BTW, on the offchance that someone who reads my journal actually plays IL2 online, leave a comment so we can play together (there was a player named TANSTAAFL online awhile ago, which got me curious).....

Glider License
One of my friends turned me on to gliding earlier this year, and I must say, it is probably the funnest flyin I've done in a long time. Initially I was pretty skeptical about it because I had this idea in my head of going up, and then coming right back down a few minutes later. Turns out, that New Mexico has some of the best soaring weather in the world, and a skilled pilot can pretty much stay up all day using the various kinds of lift (ie. thermals). It didn't take long for me to get my license, as I've had my private pilot's license for awhile, and ever since I got it, its been my primary "thing-to-do" in the afternoon.

Secret Uber Project: X!!!11`!!~!
If you've read this far, then good for you, you'll be one of the chosen few who know what Eugn and I are going to be up to for a couple weeks. Angels 22 development pretty much came to a standstill during the final weeks of school, and we never quite were able to get back into the groove, so we decided to try and make a simple little game that is definitely not something we would usually try and do..... A Dungeon Crawler.... with Guns, Commies, Zombies, Robots, Biological Experimentation, and more!!! Don't worry though, we haven't abandoned Angels 22, we just need some new scenery to get us back into the A22 dev mood. The new project has a few limitations that we are imposing on it to keep it from feature creeping its way into next year, and the current limitations are as follows:

-Levels are made up of a series of interconnected "Rooms"
-"Rooms" can only take up one screen
-Basic AI only
-Level Generation must be completely random, requiring no input other than parameters
-Resolution of 800x600 for that old school feel (and to make Mark's life easy)

Anyways, our new project lacks a concrete name at the moment (All my project files are in a folder called "Fortress of Terror", while Mark has been internally refering to it as Lab 81 or something), so if anyone has any suggestions, go for it!

The project is currently coming along great for having started two nights ago, as I already have random room generation working somewhat, and Mark has already begun the task of creating artwork for the project. I'm going to hold off on giving you guys a screenshot until I can put some more of Mark's art in the game, so check in next time for a kewl piktar!

Well, thats all I've got for now, I'm feeling very much back in the saddle, so hopefully there won't be such a huge lapse in journal entries like last time. Peace Out!
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A sci-fi dungeon crawler set in a science lab with zombies?

Hmm... guess I'll have to start breaking some kneecaps. [lol]

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I know that chances of you taking advice from a random internet stranger is low -- but I need to say this to have my peace.

Transferring sucks. It is terrible. And know that you will become a freshman again? Egads!

You are going to make all sorts of friends and have a grand old time, and leaving is going to suck.

My recommendation? Take the year and go to Europe or some place exotic. God knows it is your last year of freedom before the whole Air Force academy. Hell, just drive around the good ol' US of A. Fly it! For the love of God, don't waste the opportunity man!

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Original post by visage
Transferring sucks. It is terrible.

It's really not that bad...

But, anyway, I can't believe they rejected you. I spent 4 years in the Marines, living extra-hellish, because of my Acid Reflux issue that the medicine doesn't really help with in those conditions (Iraq, Massive amount of training, etc.).

While it does suck, take it from me, you'll be up in the academy before you know it. Time really starts to move as you start getting older. Relax and enjoy some freedom before you take that commitment. And having that time to enjoy a 'real' college life will be with you forever.

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Sucks about the academy rejection. I really hope you get in next year; at least you could be the oldest C4C, which you could use to your advantage. I like the pictures, especially the retirement ones. My dad is retired Air Force as well, but he didn't get hosed down (he was a dentist and medical administrator). We actually visited the academy last summer on a road trip (and stayed in the AMAZING DV quarters there) and it is beautiful. And huge. I don't guess they let you land on their strip when you visited, right?

Good luck with your game!

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Original post by ildave1
Original post by visage
Transferring sucks. It is terrible.

It's really not that bad...

Says YOU!

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@Ravuya - Yeah, If I had to describe the game, I'd have to say "It like Glow, with less smily faces...."[wink]

@visage- Yeah, I'm not looking forward to having to start all over again, but the reason why is that it's getting harder and harder to get a pilot slot in the Air Force, and Academy graduates are given the largest percentage of available slots, so I think the 4 years of hell will be worth it.

@ildave - Don't worry, I'm not going to squander my last year of "freedom", but unfortunately, that doesn't mean taking a year off from school, the academy admissions people look kindly on those who don't take a break after high school. But seriously, I'm not planning on spending my last year as a civilian only studying[wink]

@Texas Brigade - Yeah, when we visited we stayed in some of the nicest TLF's I've ever seen. They didn't let us land at the Academy itself, even though we were flying an Air Force aero club airplane, so we had to go to Colorado Springs and catch a taxi.

@Programmer16 - Yes, I have returned, come out from your holes and rejoice in my salvation!!! I like the avatar BTW, makes me chuckle every time.

Thanks for your support everyone, its nice to be back again!

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Yeah, thats me alright, which brings up a funny story....

When I was going to my congressional interviews to get nominations to the Air Force Academy, I was really nervous and expecting to get grilled with tough hypothetical questions. Much to my suprise, at my first interview with Senator Bingaman's panel, the first question they asked was: "Do you know you look just like Ashton Kutcher?" Yeah, that kinda threw me off[grin]

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Original post by Sir Sapo
@Programmer16 - Yes, I have returned, come out from your holes and rejoice in my salvation!!! I like the avatar BTW, makes me chuckle every time.

Lol, thanks! I'm going to use him as the 'icon' for my project (kind of like how they used The G-Man in Half-Life.)

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US AF! WooT wOOt! Retiring at Lt. Col. Well, everyone has to go sometime. Looks good though. Good luck with the Academy. You might want to look into doing a 2 year with the enlisted side. Actually, anyone in the service will tell you that officers that are prior enlisted become better leaders. But in any situation, Good Luck. Is that Colorado?

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