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It's not easy being Japanessey ...Eye eye eye

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So.. I've decided that the longest part of development for this game is going to be the inclusion of the various languages. It is one of my greatest frustrations that with the American school systems that languages aren't a mandatory requirement in school. I mean teaching them early on. Almost every other culture on the planet has at least two languages that they are very fluent in. I only blame the school systems to a certain point though, just like you can only blame your parents to a certain point for decisions you may have made in your life. Once you reach a certain age, it's time to take responsibility for your own actions. So, damnit, I make me feel stupid. [grin]

In the past I've started learning languages but never followed through with it because I allowed myself to get side tracked by being young and stupid and wanting to socialize rather then completing any actual goals. As you get older, you tend to see the reaper with his scythe in the horizon, ominously stretching his skeletal hand in your direction, so it becomes apparent that if you ever want to do something, you better get your ass in gear. Such is the point where I currently reside in time. I decided that I'm also going to attempt to teach my son Japanese and Spanish as well, so I'll at least have a learning partner too. I ordered some books this week on Japanese particles.

A resource for the game that I'm having trouble finding though is a source for romanization of Hirigana and Katakana symbols. I want to include both in the game simply for clarification, so someone who may not be interested in that aspect of the game won't get turned off by it. If anyone can suggest some good resources to that end, I would be appreciative enough to thank you. Spanish on the other hand isn't nearly as hard as it is also derived from Latin, as I'm sure most of you know, and there are thousands of translation resources.

As far as the engine goes, I'll be finishing picking up for the engine over the next couple of days. I have my son the entire weekend so, I won't have a lot of time, but after 9pm, it's all about game development. I really want to get things finished up so that the engine can be ready for the MAGIC contest, which I'll be abandoning sleep for, during the next week.

On another note, I got into my first car accident yesterday. A moderately long story short, if you ever back into a gas pump at a gas station, they make the fire department come and check it for gas leaks. Also, don't forget to check both blind spots when backing up large vehicles, and if you think your going to hit something, but figure you'll be ok, go a head and stop. It was in a work van too, surprisingly enough, I wasn't even scolded, my boss and everyone at work was very understanding. Hopefully that won't change once the insurance claim is entered. It really makes me feel old when I start worrying about job security though, also, makes me realize what a good job I have.

Time for picking.
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Original post by DecipherOne
Almost every other culture on the planet has at least two languages that they are very fluent in.

You're not alone there. Australia barely has one.

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