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3 hours over:
if(this->Vertices.size() > 999)

My rendering system was automatically flushing before the code entered the shader, so only part of the tiles were being rendered via Shader. Wouldn't have been such a bitch if I hadn't set my system up to render with or without shaders (I would have known because half of the tiles wouldn't have rendered at all.) Nice to know that it does actually work without shaders though, I guess.

I'm really starting to hate this old code base lol.

Demo still isn't ready though. Hopefully soon, but I'm not sure. Still trying to get everything else working right.

However, I'm taking a break tomorrow. I have to work so most of the day will be trashed anyway. I'll pick back up early Sunday morning.

I updated some of my old art today and personally I like it. Here they are:

The top two are the the originals and the bottom are today's. My personal favorite is the black and white one (bottom left.)

The top three are the originals and the bottom 4 are today's. Again, black and white is my favorite.

Left is the original, right is today's. The nails are kind of overpowering, but all in all I think it turned out ok.

Left is the original, right is today's. I really liked the original, but it didn't appear old like I wanted it to. I think the new one looks pretty good.

Bedtime; cya Sunday.
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