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"Need a Light"

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The Game
Well to I havent done anything but a lil thinking about it. Because it is just a tester game, it wont see the light of day as far as a public release is concerned so it will be slow going. The main aim of doing Fallen Smash Bash was to test features of the engine and help develop it further and its doing that job just fine.

The Engine
I have been thinking a lot about how I want to impliment the actual game structure and during the development of the engine it basically boils down to two elements:

A Game Class
A Screen Class

The game class is generic and can be extended and contains only the basic features required. The methods contained in the class are Render, Update and Run
Render and Update prety much explain them selfs and run basically starts and while(true)...loop. It is probally important to point out that because of the resource manager within the engine can handle a lot of things (like images, etc) the game class doesnt need to store any media information thus extending its portablity. The only thing the game stores atm is the screens and a current screen which is the one to render etc. It also handles external messages so a screen can tell the game to change to the next screen though this message feature could be even more useful later.

A screen class is a basic unit of a game. It handles what gets drawen, when stuff is loaded and also can handle transitional effects such as fade to black. Again this is a generic class and can be extented. Main methods include; Load, Unload, Render, Update, TransIn, TransOut.

Load and unload are called when required (ie when the screen is the current screen). TransIn and TransOut handle the transistion effects which can really be anything though for now a deafult fade to black and fade in are only implimented.

All enigne timing is handle in the engine via a timer class which lets you do delta timing. The structure to keep things running smootly is much the same as that found in XNA where the delta time is passed to every possible thing that will required time based processing. This is opt in and you dont need to used delta timing, however it is ofc recommened.

Browser Based Game. MeloTribes is under going a redeign - much of the code will simple be migrated however I'll take this time to refactor it and think about the code base a bit more. Currently im working on a nicer backend so I dont have to tool hop and can have everything I need in one place.

Code wise I need to implement AP so players cant spend all day playing it. See the thing I want with this game is to make it as lil time consuming as possible and still enjoyable (ie interacting with the community should be enjoyable). Once the game is done I probaly going to hand over major control to a friend from college whom is excited about becoming an Admin. Ofc Ill have to make sure it doesnt mess it up from time to time :D

A final note
Why are colleges obsessed with using letters to signify everything. I got a letter to day saying where I'm supposed to be in three weeks time but I have yet to decipher it.

- Yea I know im rubbish at typign.
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