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I spent last week adding more menus, hints, scannable things, information, etc, as well as numerous other fixes to improve the usability of the game.

Today I added some more ruin-like aspects to the first digsite level, including busting through the ceiling.

I also added some statues outside.

I had to change the weapon creation method described a while ago. Using the median of damager per second meant that finding crummy weapons later on actually degraded your ability to create weapons, so i changed it so that in order to create a weapon of a given type, you must scrap one of that type of weapon in order to analyze it.

Once you do this, you can create a weapon with 50% of the original one's power, whenever you want. If you want it better than 50%, you have to spend Metal points from various deposits found around the game, forcing the player to make tradeoffs on how he wants to spend his points.

Once he has scrapped a weapon, the player can always create another, even with no metal, it's just not that great without it.

I also added a laser trap weapon, which sticks in the wall and shoots someone who comes nearby with a couple seconds of laser goodness...
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