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Text rendering, part 2

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I've done a bunch of work on text rendering. I switched to monochromatic FreeType rendering, which greatly increased the speed. I'm currently texture state limited, so I'm planning to switch to a texture atlas for fonts. I'm also planning to switch from immediate mode to vertex buffers for text rendering. I've got some nice text rendering features planned, including alignment options, textures with masking, and top-bottom gradients.

I added some nice lazy-initialization features to the cache system, so you can create chains of dependent proxies where the concrete object is only created when dereferenced. This makes things like caching atlases from fonts and vertex buffers from text drawing calls almost automatic, minus the actual implementation details of such features.

I'm in the MAGIC competition, so I'm going to have to take some time away from PAGE. I'm planning to do a low-resolution 2D adventure game involving a tower of some kind.
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