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New Space Sim: Space Force Rogue Universe

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99 views I downloaded the 800mb demo for Space Force Rogue Universe, a new space sim which is to be released soon and played it for about 15 minutes. I was impressed with the graphics and cut-scenes, but noticed some immediate hard-core bugs!

Overall the AI seems pretty weak.. when I was dog-fighting with a pirate for instance, (the space flight engine is arcade-like similar to Freelancer) the enemy just stopped dead in space and sat there in the middle of the screen like a sitting duck!
I'd guess the publisher forced the developers to release of the demo by a certain date, ready-or-not.

But if the developers can get on top of the issues, the game does look like it has promise. The ships and station models seem well designed on first glance, although not very spacey.. (airplane-like wings and the like). But it's definitely worth a look if you reminisce for the Elite days!

The contract I'm doing is dragging on even longer than I had hoped, I hoped to be finished last week, but it looks like it'll be at least another week.

Did some more work on the game engine/editor today (I've designed the architecture, so they both use the same code-base), made progress, but there's only so much you can do working one day a week! :/

As a complete aside... I competed in most awesome race on Saturday!!
One of my favorite past-times is long distance running.
(Yeah, yeah I do game development did you not expect me to be a little mad!! :P) to run with a reasonable pack of competitors and everyone was jostling for position for most of the entire 9km course! It's pretty unique situation in Hobart as the population is small and the running scene equally so. It turned out to be a lot of fun!
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I think this is why you see a lot of demos come out with the launch or more often after the launch of a game now. The developer doesn't have time to make sure a demo is 100% without stopping work on the actual game so they end up releasing later. The company I work for now does demos after launch and you usually take your 1st level and just add a "Buy it now" screen at the end.

If you are doing console games it is another pain as the publishers now require XBox Live demos so you have to make sure it is below a certain size for download etc etc.

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I guess the nature of gaming is changing. My understanding is the original purpose of a demo in a Publisher/Developer marketing/distribution model is more to build up hype and interest before the game hits the shelves. This makes sense due to retail games having a very short shelf-life, the incentive is to sell as many units as quickly as possible and generating mass hype helps to achieve this.

On the other hand with the emergence of Indie developers, who's strategy is mainly to market and sell their own games online, with the game having a potentially infinite shelf life, the demo serves as more of a try before you buy deal. In this case it makes sense to hold the demo back until the game is ready or near ready. My guess is that Rogue Universe is of the former model.

I have not paid much attention to consoles recently. I do not own a console or play console games, but from what you say, with console games available online now it is moving more towards the Indie model which is interesting.

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