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Well, I didn't get to work on Invasion last night seeing as how I came home to my power being out. I wasted my laptop battery on watching Spirited Away again (couldn't do any dev because I don't have it on my laptop ATM. I could use (and was using) SVN, but as you may remember, I completely fucked myself last time I used it.)

And now I've bought a new game that I want to try out, so I'm going to play that for a while. I'll report back when I have something useful to post lol.


Wow, I'm playing this game and it's uncanny how much like Diablo 2 it is (only it's more of a kid's version.) The weapon system seems to have been copied directly. Even the gameplay reminds me of Diablo 2.

Don't get me wrong though, it's a good game.

-edit later even though I forgot to post the first edit-
Yea, a lot of the things in this game were taken directly from Diablo II. Even the game's design is taken from the first Diablo (you have a single town from which you get quests, buy/sell items, and heal and there's a single dungeon that goes way down and you just keep going down.)

It's really addictive though and fun. The fishing is kind of ridiculous though; I've made over 2m gold just from fishing lol.
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