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Another Work-In-Progress Video of Menus

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I just got the skeleton of the 'Global Lobby' put together, and the new "Server Finder" window which is waaayy better than the last, and is easily extendable [sorting, etc.].

The video goes from Main Menu -> Global Lobby -> Server Finder. You'd just have to click "Join Server" to enter the selected server [either the lobby, or as a spectator if the game is in progress].

Also since the last video, I've added a slight camera movement, and a slightly animated light to spice things up a bit.

Here is the video download link - Menu Work-In-Progress Video (16MB MPG)

Click the preview image to download -

If you watch the video you'll see the transition from the Main Menu -> the "Global Lobby" I'm thinking I should probably create a new scene for the global lobby. Something along these lines -

Obviously the scene would be fully 3D, either in a city scene, or a dark "Tron like" scene...for now though I'll probably just use the same alley scene I'm using for everything unless I get "inspired" :-)

I should have more progress on the Global Lobby tommorow and in the coming days...I also have to re-do the client-side game-server lobby to account for the new 18 man servers. So much to do, so little time :-)

Also I'll be showing my game @ the upcoming DGXPO game expo here in Raleigh from June 22-23, so if you're in the area stop by my booth and take the game for a spin :-)

- Danny
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GAH! Raleigh? So... far. =(

GUI looks good although I noticed things seem to disappear from inactive windows. The added motion in the background actually does look better, IMO.

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Hey Dan, I know out of my total comments, I've probably asked about this a lot, but it seems like I never really got a response. What ever happened to Beta Testing? Did the publisher decide to do it all in house?

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coderx75 - What's a few thousand miles to test a game eh? :-) The fading of in-active windows is intentional...I will make it an option though since it would be nice to keep tabs on all windows at once, especially once the global lobby gets fleshed out.

DecipherOne - Beta is delayed, it's my call really...why spend 3+ years working on a game if it's not exactly what you want :-) Next target BETA date is mid-Sept...I'll be sure to let you know. If you've sent me an e-mail a while ago, I still have the list and will get you in the 1000 person closed BETA. After that it's a larger 30,000 BETA by IGN/Gamespy.

- Danny

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I like it. Maybe you could add some more action to the scene (cars, people) and some ambient sound and then you should be able to move on. I agree that the disappearing window content is irritating, especially for those of us who don't know them by heart. The typical gamer will probably see this as a bug. I don't think it's a good idea to make it an option because it will clutter the screens and make it hard to distinguish the relevant options. Keep it in the beta builds if you want but I suggest leaving it out in the release ones.

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I dunno, I'm going to probably increase the alpha level a bit, so you can see what's going on better.

I have a feeling the video compression is making it look darker than it is.

I will make it an option to "Fade Non-Active Windows" and have it set to false by default. Thoguh more advanced users will probably prefer it set to true.

- Danny

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