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A designer, I am not

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Well, its been over 24 since Trapper Zoid's MAGIC competition began, and I've done...nothing. Some of it is because I've been doing homework, but mostly I just can't come up with an idea that's not tower defense.

I was thinking of twisting it a bit by making Siege Tower Defense, where you actually have to defend your castle against waves of siege towers, rather than using towers as a defense mechanism, but I still don't really know how that would work (and I'm not a big fan of the idea anyway). Hopefully I'll think of something tomorrow so I can actually get started on the game. Or I'll just work on some back-end stuff that I'll need anyway. Should be an interesting week.
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Aww, even if you don't think you have a good idea, you can just wing it and see what ideas you come up with while hammering together random code :)

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Maybe you should make a game where you defend your castle from the rampaging towers using only your millions and millions of monsters?

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