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also also wik...

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here's a list of games i think are diablo-like. i'm going to even count rogue and its ilk, but i'll have those as one entry. i'm looking at any system. i guess there's a bit of an issue with "what makes diablo.. diablo?" because alot of games have adventuring, or item fishing, or levelling up, or character building.. everyone can probably agree on what a diablo game looks like, though.

if you take the keyboard and mouse away and hand the player a joystick instead, is it still diablo? actually, what i mean to really ask is, how far from the path can you stray? doing quests, finding items, building a pc to a certain play-style, real-time combat. these are things required to make a diablo game. but i could say there are alot of non-diablo games that fit that profile. the newer castlevania games do.

in order to get a better feel for what's out there, i'm thinking about doing a Real Good search for diablo games. i might drop a post on the forums too. does anyone know of any good or bad diablo-like games, or games with diablo-style influences? since i own them, do not include:

- diablo (durr)
- titan quest
- prince of qin

looks like i'm not the only one who likes diablo :)
Someone else started a list too.

edit 2:
here's a list of the games they came up with, with clickies to the homepages or something as close to the game as i could..

Darkstone (oops, forgot i already own this)
Fate (played this one too)
Heretic Kingdoms
Restricted Area
Dungeon Siege
Blade & Sword
Divine Divinity
Fire Emblem
Mount & Blade
Champions of Norrath
Untold Legends
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