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also wik...

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yeah i'm still at the start of building my tilemap editor. i haven't done any work on it really, since the last post about it. i was struggling with putting d3d on a control other than the main Form but i got messed up and overcomplicated it and lost a bunch of steam. i got it figured out now, i just gotta do the work to get a whole bunch of triangles on the form.

i guess i'm going to set up a single vertex buffer and do a bunch of triangle strips with it.. but i'm not sure how many vertices i should use. i can calculate how many i need for the control surface i'm rendering to, but what's the max? i don't really know. i suppose i could set a limit and not let the form resize past that limit..

but what do you do when the form is maximized on a big desktop? check the desktop size and disable maximize button if its bigger? hook the maximize button to just resize to the limits? hmm actually i like that one. anyways i heard from viridian that you're not supposed to be continually killing and remaking your vertex buffer, so i really want to avoid that at all costs.

hey maybe i'll just pretend that the maximum size that any screen res can be is 2x the size of the biggest one i can select. that'll take care of it for a while, right? what's that.. 1280x1024 apparently. so double that to 2560x2048 and then figure out the maximum number of triangles from that. i hope i'm not REALLY overdoing it...
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