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New Project

Short story: things are coming along wonderfully!

In detail, well, me and Draffurd are holding off on screenshots until we have enough art to cover most of the placeholder material I've made. I'm quite pleased with my unshaded single-colour graphics, but we aren't all programmers. [grin]

We're also holding off on The Big Info Post(tm) to avoid the same fate that my big Skirmish Online announcement had. We'll toot our own horn after we have something solid enough to show and toot about. [smile]

To hint at where we are headed, it's along the same vein as the genre that has seemingly become a little popular around journal-land (*poke #1*, *poke #2*, *poke #3*). Hopefully this will make for a great chance to share algorithms/techniques on the topics of level generation and such. I plan on writing all about my methods, so hopefully everyone else will too.


I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm really disappointed in the huge slackening in terms of journal updates. My job -- in particular the commute -- has been sucking up huge amounts of time, so it's hard to find 15-40 minutes to just sit down and crank out a nice solid journal entry. (Yes, it takes me that long.)

With the major progress that's being made lately I can hope that I'll start to be more motivated to write about the game's development and the various side projects I'm currently embarking on.

And best of luck to everyone participating in the MAGIC contest. I sort of kept closed-mouthed about it, but it's certainly something that I would have liked to enter if I had more free time. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!
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Recommended Comments

I too have found it is getting harder and harder to sit down and actually post a good substantial entry, although I've managed for the past few days. Starting this new project really got me re-excited, so hopefully that doesn't wear off too soon[grin]

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been working on so secretly, and if it is along the same vein as FoT, what methods of level generation you're using, so please don't take too long to let us know what it is.

P.S. Thanks for the plug!

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