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Well, it was a struggle today to get done what I wanted done; namely saving animations in Bola's file format, saving those in a datafile, and being able to load them from the game. But I did it. [cool] One animation in the game is now running off the animation in a datafile exclusively created for holding animations.

In the process of making this animation, I started seeing places where Bola was still deficient as an editor. So now I'm going to work on adding much-needed functionality to it. That shouldn't take long, though it will certianly be tedious.

I spent Friday and Saturday with my dad (who was out visiting) and my brothers, so those days were shot, production-wise. Yesterday I was just lazy. Today was annoying, but ultimately I'm glad I got this done.

In personal news, the immediate future is looking up. I've finally gotten into my church's ministry, and I have a shot at a job which will allow me to finally take advantage of that old multimedia degree that I've had for years. I can't discuss it since it's a very big time top secret project (my part in it will simply be video editing), but take my word it will be pretty good for me.
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Ministry? Details....give me details as to what you are doing (don't have to give away the secret though). Are you still going into game developement though? [smile]

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Don't be too impressed. [smile] "Ministry" is just a step above "Volunteer" at my church. The latter does things like greet people at the door, set up chairs, mow grass, etc. Ministry involves things like ushering, security, child care, camerawork, etc. I'm starting in the Latte Bar. I don't even like lattes, but it let's me contribute. [cool] So I got my foot in the door, probably move to other things later ...

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Well at least you will get to serve delicious caffine! [lol]
But congratulations none the less. [smile]

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