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Getting back into it...

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After a few years of all application/web development I'm FINALLY getting back into independent game development. It pays well and all, but it's BORING. (edit: i meant the application development pays well and is boring, not the game development :P )

For those that don't know me, I work professionally for a contracting company on our local air force base doing application development and system support. (which is also unfortunately a reason you can't access many of the web-apps I've developed) I've also worked on the side freelance and made some decent money off of it, a few car payments and a new computer i custom built with nothing but top of the line parts. I offer custom software and web design services, and can provide examples if anyone is interested.

Anyways, expect to hear more from me soon.

-Nicholas Anton
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By local Air Force base do you mean Edwards? Because that would be awesome to see all the cool stuff that goes through there.

Welcome back to game development!

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yep, though i have to say we don't really get to see anything too interesting usually, and nothing classified of course. Did get to see the global hawk's and ABL up close though, and they regularly practice around base with these.


Since i see your dad was in the air force, I assume you've been to Edwards. I work out of the big B-2 shaped building with the two planes mounted out front.

It really loses the "wow" factor after working there about a year (I've been there a little over 3), it's funny because we get the big sonic booms and nobody even stirs from their work, you just get so used to it. Funny too, I just now realize i go within about 20 feet of a F-4 phantom (decommissioned, parts removed) on my way in to work every day and don't really find it odd at all anymore.

Of course I'm just a lowly IT guy, so i don't get to play with anything too fun :/

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Yeah, I used to live at Holloman AFB in New Mexico when my dad flew F-117's, and it was funny to see people who weren't from around there marvel at them whenever they flew over, while it was everyday stuff for us.

I wouldn't mind seeing an F-22 in person though....

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