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MAGIC day 2

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More tiles and one monster are now working:

I figure that at this rate, I can have all the tiles,enemies programmed by wednesday. Thursday I'll program the player character and actions. That leaves friday to level design. Unfortuntly that means a heavy crunch on saturday to get a main menu working, and polish the game up. I'll probably have only a few levels done by the deadline, but hopefully enough to demonstrate the game.

Oh right, what exactly is the game?[grin]

The main hero's weapon is a mystic giant hammer. The hammer is rather impractical for simply smashing enemies, because it is too slow, and the enemy will either dodge or hit you before the hammer comes down. However, the hammer is useful to change the environment in order to kill the monsters. For instance, if a knight is chasing you on ice, you can break the ice with the hammer and jump off quickly, so the knight will fall in water after the ice breaks. The hammer is also needed to hit all-important switches, such as the ones that lower the spikes.

The game is designed to be a puzzle game, and will feature a restart button for when the player messes up on a floor and wants to reset the floor.

It will all be clear by the end of the week...I hope[grin]
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