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sprites and tilemaps

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ok so i've decided that i'm going to put the tilemap editor on hiatus. its not that i can't DO it, its just that it doesn't make any sense to re-invent the wheel when a perfectly good alternative is out there. so i downloaded Mappy and i'm all set to build maps with that until the need arises for something "better". oddly enough, i don't actually NEED any maps atm.. so building a tilemap render thing is kinda silly. i know that i'll need a home for sprites sometime, and i'll come back to this when i do.

which leads me into the other half of the basic-snes-type-game need, sprites. this time i'm not going to build anything to do with an editor until i have something to freakin' edit. there are a bunch of different things i need to do first, like decide what i need out a special sprite class. i guess its time to clarify those things soon. before i can even worry about that stuff, i need to be able to display a sprite. thats the most important thing right now.

after i can display a single sprite, i need to look at my intended uses for the sprites. i want to use sprites for:

- Action Adventure clone
- Platform Jumper clone
- Side-Scrolling Fighting clone

(i almost put 2d Fighting clone, but why wouldn't i just use MUGEN, right?)

i think that the action adventure one would be the most complicated, and that i could use the same class for both of the others.

for the action adventure, i'll need to have sprites that can do a bunch of different actions in 4/8/+ directions. i'm assuming they're going to be hand-drawn or pixelart sprites. when its time to draw, the sprite will need to know what direction set it's going to be using, and what action it's performing.

should the sprite be left to track its own position in an animation? i think that the object the sprite represents will need to know that information for its own purposes as well, so it isn't necessarily a bad idea to leave it up to the render code to ask for it from the object and give it to the sprite.

so i need a way to create and edit a sprite's animation set for each of its directions. a visual editor would be best, for something like this, but i'll probably have to start out with some data hard-coded before i know where to begin with the editor.

the central themes are direction and action. one of the issues i face (as i have before) is that the term "rotation" can be applied in two different contexts. when i rotate the sprite, i could be rotating it about its center in the x-y plane, like i did in Space Fortress. i could also be rotating it about its understood y-axis, like i did in ActionRPG. can anyone help me disambiguate the term? perhaps there's a better word for what i'm doing in ActionRPG when i change directions. its not exactly rotating, but it is. :S

so! i need to first draw a sprite.
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